Program News and NAV-ED Course Descriptions

(1) Program News


Are you a member of a yacht or boat club and interested in providing a special program for your members? NAV-ED offers a new program for groups.  

With USCG permission, we can offer our classes in 'alternate sites' both within and outside of New York State. Our 'fast track' program can be completed after 4 classroom sessions at your location! Let us know what you think. We train Captains! 

We are waiting to discuss how we can provide our 'Fast Track On-the-Road' to qualified students. Ask for info using our simple email form.

Advisory from USCG Regarding Licenses for Lake Champlain

"Vessels carrying passengers for hire on Lake Champlain must comply with federal commercial vessel safety and marine environmental protection regulations. Title 46, United States Code (U.S.C.), section 8903 states that a " ... self-propelled, uninspected passenger vessel shall be operated by an individual licensed by the Secretary to operate that type of vessel, under prescribed regulations. These regulations require, among other things, that each vessel carrying passengers for hire must be operated by Coast Guard licensed personnel."

"Each regulatory requirement has its own penalty scheme for non-compliance. For example, the maximum civil penalty for violating 46 U.S.C. 8903 (failure to have a licensed individual operating an uninspected passenger vessel) is $35,000."

"The CFR cites and maximum civil penalties for violations of the applicable regulations are:

1. 46 CFR 26.20-01 Failure to provide a license to a boarding officer $1,100.00

2. 46 CFR 15.401 Employment of an individual without the proper license $15,000.00

3. 46 CFR 15.605 Failure to have an uninspected passenger vessel under the control of a properly licensed individual $35,000.00

4. 46 CFR 16.201 Failure for the marine employer to comply with the requirements to conduct chemical testing of personnel in accordance with 46 CFR 16 and 49 CFR 40 $7,000.00"

"For a comprehensive review of the requirements which may apply to your vessels operation, go to the following website on the internet:"



Date: February 4, 2013

Contact: Mr. Ed Green, USCG Marine Inspector, Burlington, Vermont, (802) 951-6792, Ext. 231

PORTLAND, Maine -- The Coast Guard imposed a $6,000 civil penalty to a Lake Champlain mariner for illegally operating an uninspected passenger vessel (UPV).

The civil penalty followed a Coast Guard investigation which found that the mariner operated a vessel as a for-hire fishing charter in 2011, without a valid Coast Guard-issued UPV Master's License or Merchant Mariner Credential, and without being enrolled in a drug and alcohol screening program, as required by federal law. The mariner had previously received formal warnings from a Coast Guard official for the illegal operation.

The Coast Guard investigates allegations of violations of federal laws and regulations to promote marine safety and pursue enforcement action against parties found to be in violation.

For more information, contact Mr. Ed Green, Detached Marine Inspector Burlington, Vermont, (802) 951-6792, Ext. 231


On December 3, 2012, the Department of Transportation (DOT) issued a compliance notice regarding the state-passed initiatives for marijuana usage and its regulation concerning the use of Schedule I drugs by safety-sensitive transportation workers. DOT writes: "It remains unacceptable for any safety-sensitive employee subject to drug testing under the Department of Transportation's drug testing regulations to use marijuana." See COMPLIANCE NOTICE.

A more recent directive was issued on the topic of medicinal and recreational use of marijuana on January 14, 2014. See UPDATED NOTICE.

(2) NAV-ED Course Descriptions


The OUPV license provides authority for operating a vessel with six or fewer passengers for hire. The OUPV fee is $650 including the 4 initial examinations. All examinations are administered locally. Contact NAV-ED Services for additional information on discounts.

NEW CAPTAIN (OPTION2) PROGRAM (FEBRUARY 2013) - NAV-ED offers a new program for independent, self-motivated learners combined with reduced classroom attendance. The program includes 4 days of classroom instruction with independent study to be completed away from the classroom. The program limits classroom time but provides all of the requirements to satisfy the USCG requirements for the instructional component.

NEW CAPTAIN (OPTION3) CYBER PROGRAM (APRIL 2015) NAV-ED continues its program innovation by adding option3 to its list of successful Captain training options. This program provides online access to mastery examinations which are necessary for completion of the Captain course. The program maintains 4 days of classroom instruction with independent study and offers online mastery test evaluation.


Licensed Captains or those who have completed a OUPV course but have not applied for a license (within one year of OUPV course completion) may wish to upgrade to a Master (not to exceed 100 Tons) by taking the 24 hour course offered by NAV-ED Services Group. This license allows the operation of licensed vessels with the number of passengers based on the vessel documentation. This upgrade is an interesting option for Captains who hold an INLAND license because the required sea service is identical to that required for the OUPV! The OUPV Upgrade to Master (NTE 100 Tons) fee is $300. Additional information from NAV-ED Services.


The Assistance Towing Endorsement can be issued to anyone with a mariner credential except Master or mate (pilot) of towing vessels and master or mate authorizing service on inspected vessels over 200 gross tons. An Auxiliary Sail Endorsement may be obtained by a holder of an OUPV or Master credential. License applicants should view the USCG National Maritime Center site for further information: 

The fee for each endorsement class is $100. The fee includes the required examination, Information on current endorsement courses available by contacting NAV-ED Services.


NAV-ED Services Group can assist mariners renew their OUPV or Master licenses when they fail to complete the required 360 days sea experience during the license period.

The Code of Federal Regulations (see full text in 46 CFR Section 10.227) specifies various requirements for renewal if an applicant does not provide proof of 360 days of sea experience within 5 years. Included among these are provisions for,applicants to complete an open-book exercise or an approved refresher training course.

NAV-ED Services Group offers an 8 hour license renewal course which satisfies the USCG requirements. The fee for the class is $200. Click to download a program brochure.



NAV-ED Services Group will provide all successful candidates with a 'Certificate of Training" which is valid for one year after the completion of the course. Candidates must apply for a license within that time period.

The application process includes other USCG requirements beyond the 'Certificate of Training'. License applicants should view the USCG National Maritime Center site for further information: This USCG license checklist may also be sent directly by NAV-ED.


A course registration packet is available upon request. A $75 registration fee is required to guarantee a place in the class. The registration fee will be applied to the class tuition. Tuition and registration fees are totally refundable if the class is cancelled. A position will not be reserved in the class unless a registration fee and registration form is received. Registration fees are returned for applicants cancelling seven (7) days prior to the beginning of class.

Use the INFORMATION REQUEST FORM to receive a registration form.


NAV-ED Services Group is proud to offer the New York State Safe Boating Course. The course is offered in a classroom setting and is currently provided TUITION FREE to the Great Sacandaga Lake Association (GSLA).

The NAV-ED course is provided by a NYS-certified instructor using NYS materials.

New York State recently introduced an on-line safe boating course.