Mariner Website References

Websites have been posted in this location to allow easy reference to key resources for the maritime community. The original website destination will provide access to multiple sites and information sources. (Please click on the '@' image.) 

National Maritime Center (NMC)

The mission of the National Maritime Center (NMC) is to issue credentials to fully qualified mariners in the most effective and efficient manner possible in order to assure a safe, secure, economically viable and environmentally sound Marine Transportation System

FREQUENT SEARCHES: Captain, Master program requirement checklists including medical requirements, application forms, application mailing addresses and formats, policy and regulations.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

NOAA's Mission: Science, Service and Stewardship

1. To understand and predict changes in climate, weather, oceans and coasts;

2. To share that knowledge and information with others; and

3. To conserve and manage coastal and marine ecosystems and resources.

FREQUENT SEARCHES: National Weather Service, Tides and Currents, Nautical Charts, iOS Apps/Android Apps, Infographics, Video and Images.

USCG Navigation Center (NAVCEN)

The Navigation Center operates services and provides information that enhances the safety, security, and efficiency of U.S. waterways and civil GPS users. These services include:

  • Operating the Nationwide Differential GPS System
  • Operating the Long Range Identification and Tracking business helpdesk
  • Operating the Nationwide Automatic Identification System
  • Publishing Notices to Mariners and the Light List
  • Disseminating navigation information through 24/7 operations center and the NAVCEN website
  • Managing the Integrated Aids to Navigation Information System
  • Managing electronic charting portfolios for U.S. Coast Guard units
  • Serving as the primary U.S. government interface with GPS users (except aviation and military)
  • Receiving and coordinating investigation of GPS outage reports

FREQUENT SEARCHES: Local Notices to Mariners, Light Lists, Navigation Rules and Navigation Regulations. 

National Buoy Data Center

The National Data Buoy Center (NDBC) manages the development, operations, and maintenance of the national data buoy network. It serves as the NOAA focal point for data buoy and associated meteorological and environmental monitoring technology. It provides high quality meteorological/environmental data in real time from automated observing systems that include buoys and a Coastal-Marine Automated Network (C-MAN) in the open ocean and coastal zone surrounding the United States. It provides engineering support, including applications development, and manages data buoy deployment and operations, and installation and operation of automated observing systems installed on fixed platforms. It manages the Volunteer Observing Ship (VOS) program to acquire additional meteorological and oceanographic observations supporting NWS mission requirements. It operates the NWS test center for all surface sensor systems. It maintains the capability to support operational and research programs of NOAA and other national and international organizations.

FREQUENT SEARCHES: Wind direction/speed/gusts, Atmospheric Pressure, Air Temperature, Water Temperature.

U.S. Department of the Treasury - (Cuba Sanctions)

The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) provides information on Cuba sanctions including up-to-date information on procedures in place for travel to Cuba. This site should be consulted prior to travel to Cuba to ensure conformity with federal government regulations.

FREQUENT SEARCHES: People-to-People Travel; Educational Travel; Authorization of previously arranged travel.

Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (e-CFR)

Provides access to the Code of Federal Regulations updates in Chapter 46 - Shipping.

FREQUENT SEARCHES: Regulatory requirements for mariner licensing; Requirements for Passenger Vessels; Requirements for Manning; Small Passenger Vessels Requirements.

International and Inland Navigation Rules

Provides copies of the latest "rules of the road" and various study aides including flash cards.

FREQUENT SEARCHES: Amalgamated Rules of the Road; Frequently Asked Questions about the regulations.

Mariner Navigational References

Websites have been posted in this location to allow easy reference to key navigation resources for the maritime community. (Please click on the image.)

OAA National Weather Service Marine Forecasts

U.S. Marine Forecasts by Zone. Provides forecasts for New England, Mid-Atlantic, Tropical Atlantic, Gulf, Caribbean, Alaska, Washington-Oregon, California, and Hawaii.

Longitude and Latitude of a Point

Identify longitude and latitude of a point on a map by placing a cursor on the map.

National Hurricane Center Latitude-Longitude Distance Calculator

Calculate the distance between two known latitude and longitude positions.

NOAA National Marine Point Forecasts

Receive weather forecast for known latitude and longitude positions.

Links to National Weather Service Marine Forecast Offices

Click on the NWS Office map display for the area for which the marine forecast is desired.

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